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Quality Assurance of our Customization

24 Months Free Movement Maintenance and Waterproof are very important for making your feel safe to work with us!

24 Months Free Movement Maintenance 

Customers can authorize us to change their owned watches in different designs. Customers shall be known that original brands may not provide the after-sell services on modified watches.  We can help customers for maintenance on their movements for 24 months for free, but customers would have to pay the cost of changing parts if necessary. We would let customer know once we have inspected such problems. Normally this may happen to watches aged over 5 years, and longer the ages more the possibility.

Movement Maintenance Services

The movement of watch is not healthy, we would inform customers once we have received it. We can do maintenance services for the customers. Customers may required to pay for there placing parts if necessary to create best performance of the movement. Please be understanding to the time required waiting for the parts if necessary from the original brands.

3ATM Water Resistance

All our watches are made with international standard of 3 ATM ex-factory water resistance standard. Some products would be provided over 5 ATM ex-factory water resistance standard. However please be reminded that 3 ATM is life water resistance standard means you can wear it for daily life for water resistance. Customers shall NOT be wearing it to do swimming and other water sports or any kind of diving. Customers shall not open it by themselves and any opened watch would not be considered as Not secured water resistance level unless a testing is made. We suggest customers shall ship the watch to us for inspection for any problems and we would fix for them for free in warranty period.  Customers shall pay for the fixing cost in the circumstance of opened transportation and transportation cost shall always liable to the customers

Partial Original Parts Guarantee

We would guarantee all the movements from the customers would be used as originally bring to us. Only some necessary we would have to use tailored made parts in productions.

The following parts would be kept originally:

MOVEMENT is 100% original. Also Original Case and Back Cover, and all parts with marks and logos would be kept. Original Bezel may or may not use according to the design. Customer shall ask if there is any doubt in this part. About Watch Bracelet, most claps and parts with logos and marks would be kept, but the links would not be used. Without further instructions,we would melt the links and rebuilt the new links for settings. Customers shall a greed this parts 100% as necessary changes upon authorization.

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