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Original Customized Design

I love swiss watches especially the movements are made durable and accurate. Some people would love the built on it with sparkling diamonds. I would be therefore honored to help them to make their watches more beautiful, more unique and more brilliant. Therefore, we are modifying the unique watches for the customers.

“Make it better“ is our goal and our target all the time. However, how to make a different but keep the main characteristics from the original brand and make a breakthrough in design at the same time, which is not an easy task.

The first modification design of RM011 was made on July of 2018 for the world first one Richard Mille diamonds with dial diamond.

To respect the original designs, we would keep the shapes of watches, but we chose to remove some small parts like the screws which would be prettier with invisible settings.

The world first item of rose gold Richard Mille RM011 watch is therefore finished a couple months later. From design to develop and finished deliveried on November 2018 consumed 4 months.

I do not see anyone earlier than us do the job but there are a lot of people following us thereafter. From one characteristic of our first series design is, we did not give an open windows for month for customers demand of balance symmetric of dial setting. We are having opened window until end of year 2019 making a new series. If you are buying from the market before the end 2019 is properly from us, but you are still getting with closed windows for months after 2020, then its definitely from other followers.

We properly the only one truly using VS+CLARITY, F+COLORLESS DIAMONDS with Waterproof of 3-5 ATM and Stone Security Guarantee in which is free stones replacement for any stones drops without sight of crashes. I hope people love our quality. Ask your dealer if he is providing such quality assurance that we do.



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