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About Us

Our Background

JAMZ LAU Founded his brand after accumulated over 13 years experiences in jewellery and watch manufacturing. 

He developed Extreme Best series tailormade series for changing the traditional swiss watches into more sparkling diamond version better and better. Extreme Best is a goal, a target, a philosophy of life making things better all the time. The best is always yet to come, but we are always here for the best, doing the best for you. 

The Company - History

Our Company focused on making specific designs and settings of diamonds on watches or specific object transforming it into art pieces. We would also be able to help people to make their own unique designs. Our production team leader has watchmaking experiences more than 30 years transforming ideas into products.

The company Alfonso is established in 1992 in jewellery manufacturing and wholesale business. The current owner James Lau was working in the industry more than 13 years and he made an acquisition of 100% ownership in 2013 from Ex-Owner Mr Leung after working as sales manager for a couple years in this company. The company is keep growing and transforming from general jewellery into high-end customization specialist, combined invisible settings and diamonds cutting making extraordinary invisible items for the customers.

Founder - Path Finder

Jamz have been working in jewellery wholesale business for more than 13 years. The industry experienced most challenging environment since 10 years ago. He found a chance to start working on customizing watch since 2005 from just after market settings for customers and step by step developed our special versions that towards arts pieces in different designs. The company has helped many celebraties and rappers modified their watches into perhaps the world best versions. He has been recognized by business partners serving lots of celebrities in US market. The most famous item would be working with Peter Marco to created the world's first Richard Mille full baguette diamond watch for Champion Boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr.


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