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About Us

Our Background

1992, Alfonso Jew Manufacturing Company is found for manufacturing top quality jewellery products in Hong Kong.

2006, JAMES LAU found his company in developing his own business along with his passion to bring new                        creations to the market.

2010, JAMES LAU assisted the Alfonso company as a sales director and changed his company name to Grand Arts            international Jewellery Limited for cooperation.

2013, JAMES LAU acquiesced the Alfonso Jew Manufacturing Company as the new Sole-Proprietorship and                      developed new market strategic for the company.

2015, Alfonso started the watch manufacturing business specialized in invisible setting for the company.

2018, JAMES LAU combined the jewellery and watch manufacturing formed as Alfonso Jewellery and Watch                    Company Limited.

2018-2019 Developed the first one of one invisible setting versions of brand watches including:

         AP RO 41mm, AP RO 41mm Chronograph, AP RO 42mm Offshore, PP5980 PP5711, RM011 RM011-01             and RM055.

2020 world 1st RM011 watch case with diamond bracelets made for Floyd Mayweather Jr.

2021 world 1st developed new series to make full invisible setting from top to sides from watch case to                           watch bracelets.

2022 Alfonso Developed new dimensional settings to make three dimensional settings on surfaces to create much               better diamond luster than ordinary settings.

Top Quality Definition by Alfonso

1.     Selection of Top Quality (VS2+ F+) Diamonds

As Alfonso is found to produce better and better quality of fine jewellery, from selection of diamonds, we choose VS2+(Means VS2 or above clarity like VS2 VS1 VVS2 VVS1 even Flawless may have in the goods) clarity, F+ (Means G or above, like D, E, and F colours) colour with best cutting available, when the most of the general jewellery market is using SI and G or H colour for their products. For VS2 clarity, diamonds shall be clean with eye seeing without using loups, its good to have both diamond luster and visual effects. The F colour diamonds, it appeared as white, colourless or no yellow in visual.

2.      Standard+ Cuttings

For Cutting, we bought the standard to thick cutting diamonds to maintain the best luster. For some thick diamonds, we would modify it to best thickness for settings. For general jewellery market, people are using more thin goods to have lower carat weights and lower per carat prices.

3.     Detailed Polishing before settings

We do polish the metal base before setting (or even Rhodium for closed area where you may NOT able to Rhodium it after setting). With smooth and polished metal base, we would have the best shine of Rhodium metal and sparkling diamonds with more reflection of lights.

4.     Advance Settings

We have been focused on the advance level of settings, micro setting and the invisible setting which was only used in high jewellery. Invisible setting was found like 100 years ago but so limited used as it needs modification of stone sizes and also grooving of stones. The invisible was made allowing certain gold between the stones. We have improved the skills making it as small as possible which you cannot see metal obviously.

5.     Three Dimensional Invisible Settings

We have developed invisible settings to 3 dimensional invisible settings. We have applied the skill not only to surface and also the edges and sides. Further we have recently applied 3 dimensional settings on surfaces too. Please contact us for further understanding of it.



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