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Customization of Watches

Most swiss watch makers are very conservative in making changes. Richard Mille made break through on making special movements with Audermas Piguet using very special materials. This kinds of changes bring his brand very successful in very short time! Customization of watch has no limitation we can make your watches better and better with our special 3D invisible setttings if you love to make your watch sparkling.

After market was not a nice term as a negative prospects until recent years. After market items was derives to cheap with unprofessionally made with very low techniques and low details attentions but only cheap in price even 5-6 years ago. However, it is definitely not the truth today. Bamford made his reputation over customizing Rolex into his special versions until they being recognized and focused working with LVMH group products from the year before. Their works and techniques have been well recognized by the market. I have developed different popular series supplying to the market which people are crazily loving it. One of the main stream is the Invisible Bazels. We can proudly to say perhaps we are possibly the first one making invisible bazels on AP, Patek Phillipe and Richard Mille.

We are also the first person modify RM011 into diamond versions. (For the first version we did not open the window for the months.)

We are also the world first made RM011 with diamond bracelet delivery on October 2019. The most famous item would be working with Peter Marco to created the world's first Richard Mille full baguette diamond watch for Champion Boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. Check his Instagram:

We have been kept developing new items and new techniques to make the watches prettier each time. Like making the watch thinner, less unnecessary gold, better wearing experiences including new mechanism to change the strips. I will develop this topic another time.

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